Monday, February 28, 2011

Tunning your Router for VOIP and Video

Time ago I wrote how to configure your router so you could access your home server from anywhere using ssh or VNC which is really handy if you work from home or if you want to access you server anytime from anywhere.

Days ago I read this article in PC World which talks about how to tune your router for VOIP and video. It also talks about gaming and serving websites which is also good if you are into it, bur I am not. It talks about all the possible options you have to configure your router like port forwarding,  QoZ, DMZ and so on.

When you buy a router it comes with all these options disabled for security purposes. You can always change these options in order to make it work the way it fits your needs and even if you screw it, you can always reset to factory settings :)

I use VOIP a lot especially for my work since I have to communicate with developers in India, USA and Bolivia and most of the times I work from home so little by little I am trying have a nice work environment there. I use Skype and Google Voice most of the times.
 It is a really nice article if you want to tune your router for VOIP and HD video and to learn about the basics of router configurations. Remember that every router is different but the article covers the most of them.

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