Saturday, February 12, 2011

CR-48 Mailing List

Today I woke up and I found out that I had more than 60 emails from chrome-notebook-pilot-users group. I was surprised since it is the first time I heard about that group I did not even know the pilot program had a group.

Anyways, Reading my feeds I found out I was not the only one with this little surprised. It seems that all the CR-48 NoteBook owners were automatically subscribed to this group. Seems like a good idea even though a lot of subscribers were complaining that they started receiving these emails like crazy around 3 am EST ( that is why I do not have my cellphone in my bedroom ) .

I have not finished reading the emails, first I need to delete all the SPAM. I saw a really good ones with nice tricks and tips that I will be posting here once I finish sorting and filtering the emails.

Update.- Google just sent an email apologizing and explaining what happened. It looks like they were creating a forum for all the CR-48 owners but an user found out the group and posted an message. The group configuration wasn't ready and it sent the message to everyone and that triggered a lot of responses and more mails. They deleted the group and created a new one and if we want we can subscribe. I think I will.

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