Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blogger app for Android

I am testing the new blogger app for android and I was expecting more. Actually I am writing this post using it and has a lot of limitations for example you can't see your posts. You can only see the ones that you have written in the app so doesn't sync with your online blogger account which I think it is essential.
Despite the sync functionality this app some really good highlights, like :
  • You can switch between multiple accounts as long as you are the author.
  • You can obviously write and save posts as a draft if you wanna post it later.
  • You can add pictures from from camera or gallery. 
  • You can share your location in your posts if you want to.
  • And blogger is added to one of the sharing options in the sharing menu so you can share photos from your gallery.

The app still has a lot to improve but it is a good start. I wrote this post using it but only the text part since it was difficult to add pictures where I wanted, make links and format the text properly.
Anyways hit the android market and gve it a try.

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