Thursday, February 3, 2011

CR-48 Unboxing

Well it has been almost 3 days since I got my CR-48 courtesy of Google and I am playing with it as much as I can, It is kind of difficult when you have a job though :(
the box
some stickers

Anyways, We are going to start with the unboxing :) The package, which it has some drawings and it is really cool by the way, had these things:
  1. The instructions that were written in recycled paper which are really funny to read.
  2. Some stickers so you can personalized your notebook.
  3. A quick guide that shows you some keyboard shortcuts and tricks.
  4. A battery which is bigger than the ones I know.
  5. A power cord, really large!
  6. A card which says "if you cracked this open, you would find Intel" :) funny
  7. And of course the notebook itself
some instructions

Once you completely charge it, which takes around 2 hours, it starts loading and it asks for your information, then time to take a picture :) and finally it asks for you network connection either wifi or 3G then it starts updating the OS, that took almost one hour, it think it was downloading the entire OS which makes sense since everything is in the cloud ;). By default it comes with the beta channel which is 9, you can change to the dev channel though ( I have not done it yet ).
dev channel

Once all that is completed and you log in with your Google account you can see a complete get started manual application in the browser. It is cool and guides you step by step on everything you need to know to start using Chrome OS.
get started

The process was seamless and easy no way to miss a step or do a miss-configuration, which are common when you install windows or any flavor of Linux. You do not need to worry about drivers, updates, antivirus, restoring your files or anything since everything is in the cloud.
some apps

One thing I really like it is the speed, it is really fast! from the time you turn it on to the login screen it is about 10 to 15 seconds and from sleep mode to awake it is almost instantly :)
not heavy at all :)

I will keep posting more things about Chrome OS so far I just have covered the unboxing and the first boot. I still have lots to talk about. You can check the whole set of pictures here.

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