Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Google DevFest recap

I am back from Bolivia and Google DevFest season. We organized 2 DevFests, one in Cochabamba and one in La Paz. My first presentation was in Cochabamba and I was really nervous. I have terrible issues when I have to talk in front of people and this time wasn't the exception. Almost 250 attendees were that day and that was pretty scary for me. Anyways, at the end it was really good. I wish I had more time to do more code examples but it was good. Most of the people were Computer Science Students or Software Developers so my talk was a really good fit. I was really surprised when I found out that no body knew about my topic, I was happy I had the chance to introduce something new to them though.

GDG Cochabamba!!
In La Paz was completely different. There weren't as many developers as I thought there would be. Since the time was limited I barely did code examples and the audience itself wasn't for that kind of talk. At least I was more calm and relax than the first time and even kind of enjoy it :) The really sad part is that we had a special guest for this event. For the first time ever we had a Googler :) Nicolas Bortolotti , but due to bad organization he had to leave before we expected and because of that his presentation was a little bit short in time either way it was really nice to see him again and exchange some words.
a geek ;)
In summary it was a great experience and I got to meet really nice and good people. I really wish I could do this again since it was really fun and it helped me with my stage fright problem. What's more, I do enjoy sharing what I know with others.

You can see my slides here and I would really appreciate the feedback since this was my first doing it I would like the get better :)
Here is a video of my talk. Sorry, it is in Spanish :(

Thanks to everyone who made this possible :)