Thursday, February 17, 2011

Computing, Connectivity and Cloud Computing

Computing, Connectivity and Cloud Computing these are the 3 technological waves Eric Schmidt talked about in his presentation in the MWC (Mobile World Congress).

Computing has incredibly evolved in the last 25 years. Before the power of computing we have used to belong to big companies with a lot of money but now we can have it in the palm or our hands.

The same way, Connectivity  is one of the key elements right now, if you have a gadget, you really want to connect it. Internet is something that has grown immensely and it is not going to stop with ip v6 coming practically we have unlimited space. Applications that do not use connectivity in any way it is not a real app these days.

Cloud Computing is starting and it is hitting really hard. Why the need to use your computer or your cellphone when you have huge powerful servers out there?. Everything is moving to the cloud now, information, processing time, everything. Google sent me a CR-48 couple of weeks ago and I've been using it a lot and believe me it is really hard to move to the cloud but the pay off is huge. For example if you loose your cellphone or your laptop, you do not have to worry about your data since everything is in the cloud and you can recover it right away. Cloud Computing is improving applications incredibly, Google translation and Google Goggles are good examples. They send the info to Google servers and they do all the work and they send you the result in seconds! that is a good way to delegate this kind of work because it wouldn't work if the application tried to use the cellphone or computer power because it is just not enough for a good user experience.

The new generation of apps need to do a lot of sharing. We do not copy anymore we replicate information a good example is chrome you do not copy your extensions, apps or themes between computers you just replicate them.

These 3 waves Computing, connectivity and Cloud computing all of them are intersecting in one place, in a cellphone. Before used to be Main Frames, owned by huge corporations that had the money to get them, then it was personal computers still expensive and not portable, but now this intersection is in mobile technology.

Some how the mobile is first now. Developers care more about mobile first, why? because it is with you all the time, it is personal, and it is yours. So the market is focusing in mobile first and makes sense there is a huge potential there. Users use their mobiles all the time, they go with them everywhere.

Anyways, the keynote was really good worth watching it and also has some demos about Google translate and Google Goggles, enjoy it :)

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