Monday, February 14, 2011

Hard-to-Read fonds help to remember information

According to this Princeton article hard-to-read fonts make easier to remember information. They ran 2 tests to try to prove its theory. The hypothesis says that disfluency leads to deeper processing and that helps to long term memory. Small things like changing the font type, size and position can make a difference.

Although there are a couple of disadvantages, making things hard to read can also lead to frustration, disinterest and lost of attention especially in high school students. The teachers objective is to make the class easy to learn, attractive and interesting to the students so why would they try to make it harder?

I think the teachers think they have succeeded if the students learn fast and easy and they are able to get a good score but I think they are wrong I think a good teacher does a good job if the students remember what they have learned in the long term not in the short.

It is a really good article a for sure worth reading.

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