Chmbrs NotePad

Chmbrs NotePad is my Android Application :) I did it just for fun and to learn Android which I like a lot! The code is open source and it is hosted in GitHub. It has 2 branches right now. The Master branch which is the stable one this the one I published in the Google Play Store and the C2DM branch which is where I am adding more features.

It has basically everything they suggest to have like Home Screen Widget, Live Folders, Pin to Home, Notifications, Complete set of Preferences Settings. I tried to follow all their good practices in UI and code.

This is the release log:
Version 0.1.2 Beta (05/19/2011):
* Basic features like, new, edit, update, delete Notes.
* Set reminders in notes.
* Add note to Google Calendar.
* Custom Preferences.
* Home Page Widget.
* Live Folders.
* Pin to Home.
* Share Notes ( SMS, Google Voice SMS, FaceBook, Email, etc).
 * Export Notes to SD Card.

Version 0.1.3 Beta (06/04/2011):
 * Fix a compatibility issue with tablets in the home screen widget.
 * Fix a bug when home screen widget is created and there are still no notes created.

Version 0.1.4 Beta(06/26/2011)
 * Fix Home Screen widget update crash.\n
 * Fix a bug when changing device language wouldn't load the string values.

I will try to keep this project alive and add more things. I have a lot of ideas I just need more time.

Also here is a QR-Code so you just scan it and it will take you to my app :)

QR Code

You can also use this link:

Android app on Google Play

Retention and Privacy

You should be aware that this is an open source application and the code is on github. This means even though I have done my best on testing it on the emulator and the devices I currently have, the application could have bugs or might not run as designed on unknown number of devices and scenarios.

I do not retain any user data. I only record Analytics on how the application is being used and which options are the most visited. I accomplish this using Google Analytics.

Bugs, enhancements, comments and any other feedback are more than welcome and as soon as I get more time I will push more updates and functionality.