Friday, February 4, 2011

Is internet getting full of spam?

Lately there has been a lot of news about Bing copying results from Google's . Each one of them published their opinions about that, from Google's part and from Bing's side. Big's basic point of view was that they have studied user's data and improved their results based on that. So for example if you use windows but you search something in Google, they will analyze the queries and improve the results.

Last night I saw this video, a discussion panel between Matt Cuts from Google, Harry Shum from Microsoft and Rich Skrenta from Blekko moderated by Vivek Wadhwa. The video is worth watching. The main point was to talk about Spam in search results and how to improve the search experience. Harry pointed out that we should see the origin of all of this and literally blamed Google specifically Google add sense. We have so much spam lately because it generates money, all those clicks are getting paid. Despite Google's efforts to improve their algorithms we still have a lot of spam and it is true it is getting really hard to get good quality results most of the results are just copied data from other pages, you can notice that.

Blekko CEO Rich, made a good point. He said that most of the times algorithms can;t solve this we need humans taking care of this. It is true that algorithms can eliminate part of the spam but most of the cases a human intervention is needed, blocking sites or add them to a black list.

For the ones who do not know how Blekko works I invite you to check it out. Its new way of searching makes some good points and it seems it has a good future if they can make it work properly.

You can watch the video here, enjoy it

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