Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Highlights from Android Event - HoneyComb

Today Google had an Android event to show us their improvements on HoneyComb which by the way are awesome!!! they really invested a lot of time in 2D and 3D and performance.
The couple of things I liked were:

The new android market web page is up and running. I must say it is a really huge improvement from the old one which it did not even have search! it was really bad. Anyways the new portal let's you sign in and register your devices and do over the air installations. We already saw this last year in the Google IO keynote, they should added over the air un-installations though :)

They released more ways for developers to gain more from their apps like in-app billing and currency conversations. They improved their multi touch and drag and drop functionality, a lot of new widgets which make notifications less intrusive and video chat. In fact there are a lot more things but these are the ones that took my attention. I am not really a gamer but it is worth mention that the gaming experience it is a lot better talking about speed, effects and performance.

Here is the event video for the ones who missed it, enjoy it!

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