Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tech Support for your Parents

The other day I was watching one of my favorite series which is The Big Bang Theory :) This chapter started with Wolowitz trying to teach his mom how to check her email and over the phone!!!!!! I love my mom a lot!!! but when I have to teach her something computer related like how to send an email, log in into Skype so we can have a video conference or anything like that, it drives me really crazy!

Hopefully I am not the one with this problem. Couple of weeks ago some guys from Google decided to create a tool to send care packages to their parents explaining a lot of basic things. Basically these care packages are just recorded videos explaining basic computer tasks. The web site is and right now they have sent 59,369 care packages.

The wizard to create the care package is rally easy and they even have categories like: Really basic, WWW, Communication, media and finding information so you can personalized the message depending on the situation and problem.

This is one video I have selected and sent it to my mom which teaches you how to check your email from your cellphone


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