Friday, January 7, 2011

Mac App Store

Yesterday Apple launched Mac OS X 10.6.6 and with it the Mac App Store. Unfortunately I do not have a Mac so i can't really test it and give my personal opinion about it. Although by reading some posts it seems there are some problems with installing applications.

Looks like when you try to install applications it gives you an ERROR 100. If you have this problem, you can check this link for a quick work around.

I like this concept of getting software the same as Chrome web store, The Mac App Store is the perfect the way to find any software you want or need, you can read/write reviews about the software before installing it. It is a good idea. Nothing is perfect though. I was reading this article about why you might not like the new Mac App Store and it makes a lot of sense. It seems you have to buy most of your application again, you do not have access to trial versions, most external application are not there yet ( maybe in the future they will be. Maybe they need to apply the same way you have to apply in the app store) and a lot more. Even with all these disadvantages in just one day there 1 million apps downloaded.

Let's see how this new approach goes.

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