Friday, January 28, 2011

CR-48 Tracker

Time ago I talked about the new Chrome OS laptop and the Pilot Program which allows people, developers, business, etc apply to get one of these, use it and report feedback to Google. I applied the same day but it seems I am not lucky enough to get one :(

Anyways, I found this tool to track these shipments based on the zip code or city and State. At least with this you can see how many CR-48's have been shipped to your city and maybe and if you are lucky one of them will get to you.

Mean while, I am not sure if it is a good idea to apply multiple times. I really want one of those and I am sure I can return really good feed back. I already applied as developer and business and no luck :( I think I will ask my wife and friends to apply so I can at least increase the chances to get one.

Update.- it seems that the site is down :( , you can search for it and get from Google cache though

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