Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter Sweep

I saw this on Tim Bray's blog basically you type any letter  in your chrome omni box bar and see what the browser will assume you tried to write.

So here are my A-B-C guesses, They say a lot about me and as I always say, the browser you use tells a lot about you ;)

What are yours???

[A]bout:flags Well I am using Chrome OS i go a lot there to check, enable or disable new things they delivered frequently

[B] My bank account, nothing great here.

[C] Google code repository I visit it every day to check libraries and documentation.

[D] so far the best I found to share files in the cloud. I like it!

[E] Well I guess I go there from time to time looking for gadgets ;)

[F] no way to avoid it ;)

[G] I was surprised about this. I thought it was going to be Google but makes sense since I do all my searches from the omni box and well i visit Google groups most of the the time to respond Android and Chrome OS questions.

[H] The second email i check the most.

[I] best store if you want to look for good furniture.

[J] I was looking for cheap tickets to go to Google IO :)

[K]irk vs. Picard the most geeky question of all times :)

[L] Best professional social network.

[M] Good to manage your financials, bank accounts, credit cards, 401K, etc etc

[N] I have not decided yet if I am to subscribe to it, it is very good though.

[O] Well the Oscars were couple of weeks ago so I had to watch it :)

[P] I use it basically for all my blog posts and personal pics :)

[Q]wop it triggered a search query for qwop =/

[R] I just started renting movies :)

[S] Work bank account.

[T] I finally sent my taxes. Man, I took a lot!, at the end i go my check though :) :)

[V] I just love Google voice :)

[W]  I use this page to send SMS's to my wife to remind her how much i love her :)

[Y] You gotta distract and rest your mind from time to time ;)

[Z] Well I do not shoes but i had to buy a present for my friend's father.

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