Sunday, March 6, 2011

Android Market Security Update

Yesterday Google announced that over last week they identified malicious applications in the android market. Devices running Android 2.2.2 and up were save of this attack which by now is a good percentage but still there were a lot of devices vulnerable. According to the post he malicious code took of advantage of a known vulnerability and they could have obtained MEI/IMSI, unique codes, and android version of the running devices but giving the nature of the exploit they probably were able to get more than data and information.

Because of the severity of this attack they had to do 4 things:

  1. Remove the malicious applications from the Android Market and suspend the related account.
  2. Using the remote application removal feature in android they are removing all the malicious applications from the users cellphone.
  3. They pushing a Android update Market to all devices affected. If you were affected you will receive an email  and notifications about applications being removed and the security update. All of this should happen in the next days.
  4. They are working  hard to improve security in the android market and prevent this kind of exploits in the future .
For more information and help on this issue you can visit the Android Help Center where they explain in more detail everything about this exploit.

Since Android is moving so far I am not impressive that it is going to get a lot of attacks and malicious exploits. Google says that you mobile is one of the most important things for you and it holds everything about you, like, personal numbers, access to all your data, maybe bank accounts and who else what's more that is why it is a great target. If you are able to get through the security  and get all the users data the price is incredible.

Android needs to change a lot! I know they flexible about publishing your apps but at some point they need to improve the process so this kind of attacks won't happen again. We, the users, trust them but if we get this kind of news, we were no longer trust or at least not the Android Market and competition will gain more space and who knows maybe Amazon Android MarketPlace is better.

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