Friday, March 11, 2011

Are Tablets Killing Creativity?

I wish I could remember where I read this question, it was long time ago though more or less by the time the first generation iPad arrived. I did not pay attention since the iPad was the only of its kind in the market and devices like the Nook or Kindle were book reading oriented only.

This picture has changed though. Right now the tablet market is growing and really fast and there are a lot of competitors which will make tablets more accessible and cheaper although right now they are still expensive, at least we can see more devices and manufactures building them and even more since the released of Android 3.0 a.k.a HoneyComb.

The fact is that these devices are really and extremely portable so it means that you can take them almost everywhere. The problem is that you are always plugged in even when you go to bed you carry your gadget and start reading something, browsing, updating you facebook status, watching a movie why? because these devices let you do virtually everything. Without noticing is already 2 am and you are still plugged; here where the issue arrives, you are not letting your brain rest, the part of the brain that takes care of creativity and develop new ideas needs to sleep. It has been proved that a good sleep helps a lot to your brain and its development but if you are all the time plugged and watching your gadget's screen, you do not let your brain rest and develop this part. In other words a good sleep can increase your creativity. I still remember the days  I used to have dreams about a problem and woke up inspired and after some minutes coding I was able to solve it :) I still have some of those glorious moments, not as often as before though. The article I read has so much sense now.

Ironically since I got my CR-48 I spend so much time plugged than before because it is really portable, the battery is amazing and it is just so easy to turn it on and spend some time and I take it with me everywhere. Even most ironically, I am writing this post just before going to sleep sitting in my bed :(

I love gadgets and I really like the new iPad 2 and HoneyComb but I am still hesitating if getting one is a good idea. At some point it is a need to unplugged your brain for a while and enjoy a nice day with out technology.

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