Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FireFox 4 is here baby!!

Finally today, Mozilla has made it official. You can download FireFox 4 now.  I like the new UI it is more minimalistic and clean. Some things I like are:
Panoramic View
  • Finally you can drag and drop tabs from windows to windows like in Chrome.
  • Talking about tabs one feature I really like it is the group tabs. you can group them in a different way, it is really cool.
  • You can pin tabs.
  • It is 6 times faster than the old version according the release notes.
  • You can now sync Firefox so you can access your data from any where.
  • If you want, you can hide the menu bar and it looks cleaner and it is replaced with just one button, the same way the new MS office does.
  • The add-ons manager now opens in a tab and has completely changed.
New tool bar
In general they made it more minimalistic the same way Chrome does and looks great!!! it feels faster definitely a good improvement. Some of my extensions did not work but I am sure it is just a matter of time and they will be back again with a new version compatible with this one.
Add-ons Manager
IE 9 just got out and there is already charts comparing all major browsers and still Chrome, Firefox and Opera are leading them :)

You can check more details and watch a video here.

Happy browsing :)

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