Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From IE 1 to EI 9

From the same creator of from DOS 5.0 to Windows 7 this time we can see all the IE versions since version 1 which came up on 1995.

He installed all the versions and also run the acid tests on every single version.

A couple of things that surprised me are:
  • IE 5 was the first version that could be installed in most OS and that is true I remember that you could use some hacks to install it even in Mac's, Linux, and almost all Windows versions.
  • The first IE version able to pass Acid Test 1 was version 6 (it took MS 6 versions!).
  • Acid Test 2 was passed in version 8.
  • IE 9 still is not able to pass Acid Test 3 ( scores 95 over 100)  and finally has HTML 5 support. Just to compare FireFox 4 scores 97 and Chrome dev 12 scores 100.
Because of these reasons and a lot more is that I love Chrome and FireFox.

Enjoy the video.

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