Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An update on Chrome, the Web Store and Chrome OS

Today the Google Chrome team made some really good announcements.

Chrome Web Store
Finally the Chrome Web Store is finally open. I have waited a lot for this and it has a lot of apps but I do not know why they all seem bookmarks to me. They add a nice icon and the ability to add shortcuts but at the end they just open the same page you would open normally. Anyways It has been just a couple of hours let's give it some more time.

Something that impressed me is that in the last year the amount of users are three times more. They increased from 40 to 120 million users in just one year that is amazing. I must admit the speed is really good and since they added the Google Instant to the Omnibox it is even better ( Well you need really good speed to make it work properly ).  They improved their V8 Java script engine right they said it runs twice as fast as before. All these new functionalities are already in the dev and beta channels although they said they will be rolling them out to stable version pretty soon.

Chrome OS
Finally they gave more information about this topic. Last year they released the first early version of Chrome OS. I have been running it on a virtual Machine and Like it a lot but this year they are finally releasing it. Well not exactly, they are launching a pilot program for US only ( later other countries will be added ) and if you are lucky you can be selected and they will ship you on this Google chrome notebooks aka CR48. I already submitted my application let's hope I am one of the lucky ones :) Here is the video explaining what Chrome OS is

More info about this event can be found in the official Google Chrome Blog.

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