Friday, December 10, 2010

Gmail push not working

Couple of days ago I noticed that I was not getting Email notifications from my Gmail account in my N1. Every time I had to refresh it manually and then I would get my emails. At first I did not care about it but then it started becoming annoying to refresh it manually all the time. After a lot of time trying things to make it work again like re-installing the app, configuring accounts, google and etc etc I found the solution.

The first thing I did was to move most of my apps to the SD card since I only had 20Mb of free space now I have around 50Mb ( still low ). It seems when you run out of space in your main memory some apps start behaving really weird or they stop working at all ( more on this later ). Still I was not getting my GMail notifications :(

The second thing I did was cleaning my cache and clear the app's data; to do this you just go to Settings --> Applications--> Manage Applications --> All --> Gmail and once you are there you click on Clear Data and Clear Cache by doing this you are wiping all the information the application has about you so the next time you try to execute it you might have to enter your credentials again.

Finally I re-started my phone and FINALLY!!!! notifications are back!!!!! :)

Some recommendations: be sure to have at least 50Mb of free memory in your phone's main memory, move as much apps as you can to your SD card and from time to time try cleaning your app's cache and in some extremely situations your app's data

Hope this info helps some one else.

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