Friday, December 17, 2010

20 Things I learned about browsers and the Web

"20 Things I Learned about Browser and The Web" is an guide online book built using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. The purpose of this book is to teach the basics of how Browsers and the Web work, and how their evolution has changed the way we work.

Basically this book was developed by some members of the Chrome team in order to commemorate  the 20 anniversary of the proposal for the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee. 20 Years ago I barely knew about computers and I wouldn't image something about The Web and Internet but since then a lot of things have changed, new technologies have emerged and web programming has evolved a lot.

This book takes advantage of these new features like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Some of the highlights  are:

  • After the app has been visited once, you can also take the experience with you offline, thanks to the Application Cache API.
  • You can resume reading where you had left off as the book remembers your progress using the Local Storage API. We also mark the chapters that have previously been read by folding the top right corner of the page in the navigation.
  • The app utilizes the History API to provide a clutter-free URL structure that can be indexed by search engines.
  • The HTML5 canvas element is used to enhance the experience with transitions between the hard cover and soft pages of the book. The page flips, including all shadows and highlights, are generated procedurally through JavaScript and drawn on canvas.
  • The canvas element is also used to animate some of the illustrations in the book.
  • CSS3 features such as web fonts, animations, gradients and shadows are used to enhance the visual appeal of the app.

As time goes by we need to keep ourselves updated on all these technologies this is something I knew when I decided to study Computer Science it is not like any other degree. Technology moves fast and we need to keep track of it otherwise we become a dinosaur that keeps using tools that nobody uses anymore ( some of my old professors from university are good example ).

It is a good lecture you should try it at least to check the capabilities of these new tools.

source [Google code blog]

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