Friday, December 24, 2010

Dual Monitor Full Screen in Chrome

Time ago I got a brand new monitor, a 23' Samsung high definition really sweet!! :) I believe that having 2 monitors increase productivity although if it is in the wrong hands increases procrastination so it depends the use you give it.

Anyways the big problem I had was that when watching YouTube I couldn't retain the full screen in the second monitor because as soon as it losses focus it will go back to the standard mode. It was annoying so I decided to research a little bit on how make this work.

A little bit of background; I am using Chrome dev channel so it is a little bit different since chrome embeds flash player in every build well if you chose to or if you want, you can download and install it by yourself. I am also using windows xp sp3 32bits. I also have the latest flash player which

Look for the file gcswf32.dll inside :
C:\Documents and Settings\<<Username>>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\<<Chrome version>>\

Open the file using any Hex Editor and look for the hex: 74 39 83 E8
Highlight 74 and change it to 90
Highlight 39 and change it to 90
Save the file and lunch Chrome again.

This technique can be also applied to IE, FF and others you just need to look for the right dll

This is the final result :)

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