Monday, December 27, 2010

Google Chrome Channels

Probably most users don't know but Chrome has different 3 channels or versions all the time. Most users have the stable version which comes by default when you download the web installer. You can updates every time a beta version has been heavily tested. If you don't want the latest features, and want something stable this channel is for you.

The second version is the beta channel. You can subscribe to this channel if you want to help finding bugs or test new functionality that is going to be in the next stable version. You can get updates almost every month which is good enough.

The third version and the last one is the dev channel or developer preview. This channel is totally the opposite of the stable channel. It has the latest functionality and also new ideas to be tested and approved so it is easily to find a lot of things not working properly and some sporadic crashes. So if you are a developer who wants to test the latest source code this is the channel for you. You should get an update almost every week.

Right now I am using the dev channel and yeah sometimes it can be buggy but I like trying new things and my curiosity is bigger than my patience :)

Also extra configurations can be found typing: about:flags in the navigation bar (it used to be about:flags before); just be careful some of them can make your browser more unstable and even you can see the warning message there.

So pick the best Chrome channel for your needs and happy browsing :)

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