Sunday, December 12, 2010

Google Talk not working on Android

Usually when you get a new phone it is like a new toy for us and that is exactly what happened tome. I got my new N1 and I started installed a lot of apps and updates you know Google maps, GVoice, Pandora, Games, Network tools and a large etc. Obviously I ate almost all my internal memory by the I only had less than 20Mb.

One of the big problems I have with my N1 is storage ( you never have enough ;) ) It only has 512 Mb of internal memory and basically as much as your pocket can get on external memory, usually android devices support 32Gb easily. When you install apps all of them go to your internal memory which is shared with all other things like the Android OS itself so you if you do not move them manually to your SD ( some apps have this new functionality ), you will ending up like me with no internal space available.

When this happens some apps like GTalk won't work anymore. I noticed that every time I tried to signing in, it will try to do it for a while and then give you a black screen and go back to home.  It took me a while to relate the out of space problem I had with apps not working properly. It seems Android needs a certain amount of space vailable in order to run applications properly that is why I always recommend moving huge apps to SD card whenever is possible and also cleaning app's cache.

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