Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The day Skype was down

Today Skype was down most of the day for most users and it made me realize how much I use it. I basically use it for everything that is work related, meetings, video conference, screen sharing, IM with my colleagues and a mot more.

Luckily the outage was right after one of my meetings but what would have happened if it was not? Well that is what happens when you use and trust on free tools. The fact is that you can't blame anyone. I love open source, free tools and services that make our lives and work simpler but sometimes we can't trust them completely and this is one of those cases. I am sure they are doing everything to fix it but I wonder how many people were affected, really affected because of this.

Anyways, for more information, you can check the updates on this issue on their twitter account.

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