Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

Sometimes when I go through my feeds I see some posts that I want share but they do not usually require an entire post. Most of the times I just share them in my Google Reader and Google Buzz but I thought I would share some of them here as well.

Learn sorting algorithms dancing
There are lots of sorting algorithms out there, some of them easy to learn and some of them really difficult. I still remember the first time I implemented the Bubble one. Anyways here is video which shows you the Shell-sort algorithm using Hungarian folk dance really cool ;) you can also watch bubble and Selection

I saw a lot of editors in my life from the most basic ones to the mos complete and sophisticated IDE's. I saw guys writing code using notepad, jcreator, Eclipse, VIM and lot more, but I couldn't believe some would be able to use MS Paint to write. Technically this is not a video it is an animated GIF which shows how the developer used MS Paint to write a simple program.

Who never played this game before? Even Google had as its Doodle for this game's 30th anniversary once and it caused a lot of economical controversy although  you can still play it :) Here is the world's biggest pac-man game I have seen far. It even has a navigator so you can see the game closely AMAZING dp not blame if you waste too much time here ;)

More Games
Since we are talking about games here is a nice post from lifehacker about learning games. It has everything from simple games to improve your typing to learn new languages or even play the guitar :) or prepare for your SAT test. I like the way they adapted Mario Bross to improve your typing. I've always liked that game :)

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