Friday, May 13, 2011

Google IO 2011 Summary

Google IO has been the greatest experience I've had so far :). Those were 3 days full of fun, meeting new people, learning new stuff and getting to hang out with developers who enjoy working with tools I like as well.

Lucky me I was able to get into BootCamp as well which it was sold out, do not ask me how I did it ;) :) It was great I did a couple of questions and I got to talk with Paul Irish which is one of the Chrome Developers, he was really nice and I even got to take a picture with him :)
Paul Irish and Me :)
The second day was insane, 5,000 geeks all of us in one place it was weird but at the same time amazing. I have not seen so many robots in my life! so many cool gadgets, tools, and people. I had the opportunity to talk with Tim Bray, a developer advocate for Android, He is really really cool! He encouraged me to apply for Android and believe is one of my dreams to work for Google en special in the Android team.
Tim Bray and Me :)
Working time ;)
The after party was like a dream, lights, geeks, good music, full of toys and gadgets and beer :) really the best way to finish and excellent day :) oh! I almost forgot, they gave us a limited edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which I already added to my gadget collection :)
Toys ;)
The third and last day was another great day, the Keynote was focused on Chrome and well they told us that we are going to get a new Chrome laptop courtesy of Samsung again :) I already have a CR-48, it does not hurt having another one though ;) and I was able to take a picture with Sundar Pichai, the person in charge of Chrome :)
Sundar and Me :)
At the end I was completely tired! so many sessions, I wish I could have attended all of them, but it was impossible at least i tried and did my best. I got to play with some of Google's toys, take a lot of pictures and met really cool people who also share my passion about Google and its technologies :)

A big plus is that I had to meet Peter Vesterbacka the creator of Angry Birds :) such a nice guy always smiling.
Peter and Me :)
I must say it was a wonderful time, it is sad now it is over but at least I can say I was part of it. Now i am back into my reality and well I have to keep pushing my goal to get better and apply everything I have learned these last 3 days.

According to the official Google Code Blog, all the videos from the sessions and keynotes are already uploaded :) and can be found in the official YouTube channel :) enjoy them because they are worth every second :)

Pics, and highlights are posted here, all the videos can be found in the Google Developers Channel in YouTube.

Happy Coding and until next year Google IO :)

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