Friday, July 13, 2012

Precise Pangolin first impressions

As you may know Ubuntu 12.0.4 a.k.a Precise Pangolin has been out for about 3 months maybe more, but just now I had the opportunity to really install and test it.  I tried to do a RAID 0 installation but for some reason it did not like it and the boot loader couldn't be installed. It seems the installer did not recognize the RAID configuration. My research did not help and I couldn't spend too much time on it so I decided to just remove the RAID configuration from the Bios and do a normal installation.

The installation was pretty straight forward. You just insert the CD and choose "Install Ubuntu" once you see this screen.

Install option
I do not remember if previous versions did this step but this time I got a verification test in order to see if my computers meets the required hardware, luckily it did.
hardware verification
Then comes the classic option to install it in the whole disc or choose a different partition. I checked all disk since this machine is going to be 100% Ubuntu :)

installation selection
This part was supposed to install it in the RAID configuration but it never worked.
disk selection
Then installation starts copying and downloading files.
The installer makes some stops, one of them is to choose time zone.
time zone
The next stop is for language selection to be used in the keyboard.
keyboard language
Another stop is to configure computer name, user name password.
user configuration
Then comes more installing and downloading.

The whole process takes about an hour and it depends on you internet connection. After that comes the painful process of installing, configuration and customization like installing ssh server, vnc server, development tools and lots of things that I will explaining in the next posts.

This is my last result, pretty good isn't it? :) This Ubuntu version it is really amazing, I am still getting used to the new UI though. Unity tries to simulate Apple's universal search so can find applications, files, etc really fast. Unfortunately you do really need graphics drivers properly installed otherwise the experience is really poor and slow. It really requires a lot of memory i am sure that is why it checks for minimum amount of RAM. I will post more as I write about installing some more tools but so far I am really happy with this version :)

Would have been better if the RAID configuration had worked though.

Ubuntu 12.04 :)
Happy coding :)

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