Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Google IO 2012 recap

Google IO 2012 is gone right now and even though this year sold out in less than 30 minutes I was able to get a ticket by participating the last call Google Code Jam :) which made me realize that i need more practice solving algorithms. The contest was relatively easy but still I struggled a lot in things I should not.

Anyways, the same as last year Google IO was full of surprises and tons of give aways :)  This year we got the complete Nexus family and a ChromeBox and some of us got the ADK so we can built android accessories ( I can accept any ides here ).

This year was a little bit different since I had the chance to be part of the GDG summit Google holds every year in its main campus. This event is special for GDG organizers and this year thanks to some friends I am the new organizer for GDG La Paz and GDG Cochabamba :) we are small but we have a strong enthusiasm to grow and organize more events. If you do not know what a GDG is, I encourage you to follow this link :) for sure there is not near you.

Van Riper and me in front of the Building 44 a.k.a Android
Besides all the free gadgets Google IO is a great place to be if you like Google technologies. This year I focused on Google Apps Script, Google Drive and of course Android. Most of the videos are already on the Google Developers YouTube channel and you can watch them and learn the new functionalities they have. There are sessions from level 101 to most advanced ones.

Now I am back to reality and for sure I will try to post more.

Happy coding!

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