Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google I/O 2012 Registration News

Finally, Google has officially announced Google I/O 2012 registration start date. It starts this March 27th at 7 am PDT so that means 10 am Eastern time.

This year Google I/O is going to be 3 days instead of 2 and also the fees have increased a lot and the worst part, there is no early bird fee :(. Students and Academia ticket are 300$ and general tickets are 900$, a huge increase from last year.

Meanwhile you can also play building a Rube Goldberg machine and if it is good, it might be featured in Google I/O 2012.

Last year Google I/O tickets sold out in less than one hour so be ready for that day ;)

Who is going this year? for sure I will try to make :)

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