Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Bye Steve

It was just few weeks ago when we were talking about Steve Job's resignation and it was pretty clear it had something to do with his health I just thought he had more time :(

Steve was one of the best CEO's of this era. His passion for perfection lead Apple to its brightest years  and even when they said that working with was insane it was all because he really cared about details and excellence. Apple won't be able to replace him that is for sure. They knew this day was coming and they are prepared but they won't get another Steve there would a lot of replacements but never some one like him. They can teach his ideology and try their employees to follow it but that level of excellence needs to come from deep inside.

There are tons and tons of articles about this all over the web even James Gosling wrote about him and Google has a tribute honoring him on his home page and this is because Steve was AMAZING and he will be remembered that is for sure!

I still remember the first time I watched The Pirates of Silicon Valley which is basically a movie of Apple and Microsoft early days. It is a very good movie if you want to learn more about Steve and how he started everything.

And finally here is the famous speech he gave at Stanford back in 2005, really inspiring.

Good bye Steve we will miss you, thanks for everything!

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