Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Chrome

I can't believe Chrome is turning 3 years!. I have been using Chrome since the very first version :) I followed all the new features one after another. I was also there when they launch ChromeOS I even still have it in a Virtual Machine and I was also one of the lucky developers who got a CR-48 from Google to test it and be part of the Pilot program and finally I was there when they sent me the Samsung ChromeBook series 5 one of the first ChromeBooks in the market. I also wrote my first extension :) it is not in the Chrome Web Store yet, it will be soon though.

My CR-48 and S5 side by side :)
So, I think I can say I live in the cloud and Chrome is a big part of it. I won't lie, I still use FF, Opera, Safari and even IE sometimes for work sometimes to test the new versions and also to have a better opinion but always go back to Chrome :)

Commemorating this day Google  put together an interactive infographic, built in HTML5 where you can see the evolution of all Web Browsers and technologies. I must say that it is amazing I have used all of this web browsers since the beginning, Am I that old? :( Anyways, there you can see how the UI has changed between them, Safari and Chrome have barely changed but Opera, FF and EI have change a lot since the first days. Also, you can see how MS took more than 5 years to update EI 6 and it is understandable it was a monopoly back then.

I am sure there will more years to come and so many cool things but so has been a great ride :)


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