Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Wallet is here

I still remember the first the time Google announced Google Wallet . I said to myself this is amazing! This is going another huge step in the way people make transactions, a new experience for customers and obviously for sellers.

Technology is  moving faster really really faster. My cellphone has already replaced lots of things, Notepad, Watch, Alarm Clock, GPS, Dictionary, and now It is going to replace my wallet. How many times have you forgot your wallet? and how many times have you forgot your cellphone? These days cellphone is the primary thing everyone keeps in theirs pockets all the time! It is more personal than anything else. It makes perfect sense to handle your wallet now. If you think, it is more secure. If you loose your wallet, you need to call all your credit and debit card companies to cancel all of them and of course ask for new ones again and without mentioning that you need to update all the online stores you usually shop. On the other hand if you loose your cellphone, this information is totally encrypted and it needs an extra PIN number to have access to it. So you just need to get a new cellphone ;)

The bad news is that as technology moves, you also need to get hardware  if you want to take advantage of it. In this case the technology behind all this magic is called NFC ( Near Field Communication). Right now not so many devices have this, but as usual it is just a matter of time.

You can read the official post here to find out more about this. Meanwhile I will consider updating my N1, probably I will wait for the next Nexus device and IceCream Sandwich ;)

Enjoy the video :)

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