Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 20th birthday Linux

On April 10th Linux turned 20 and the Linux foundation created a video explaining its origins and how Linux has impacted us and the open source community around the world.

I started using Linux like 10 years ago. My first distribution was Mandrake 8.0 when installing used to take hours and depending on your hardware compatibility most of the things might work or not specially your graphics card, sound system and modem. It was a pain and at least 3 to 5 CD's depending on what you wanted but at the end used to felt good! :)

Now Linux is heading the server space. Most of the web uses Linux as primary servers and you can see it everywhere, mobile ( android ), in your TV ( TiVo, Google TV) , etc. I like Linux a lot I have a Ubuntu server in my apartment which let's me have access to my home network from everywhere. I wish i could use it more in my daily work but i do not see that coming :( at least I am trying to have it for my personal hobbies.

Here is the video i really recommended it it is really good. Enjoy it!

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